Armadillo Grooms Cake

The grooms cake is a really special and unique tradition and it symbolizes the gift offered by the bride to her husband. The grooms cake is required to be a personalized one and has to reflect the passions or interests of your husband. Grooms who love the movie “Steel Magnolias” can receive a wonderful armadillo grooms cake because it looks really fabulous. This mascot is also popular for grooms who live in Texas, because it is the state mammal of this region.

Armadillo Grooms cake from “Steel Magnolias”

“Steel Magnolias” was a comedy-drama which takes place in Louisiana and it explores the bonds of women and the armadillo grooms cake. The popularity of armadillo grooms cake has appeared due to this fantastic movie. The uniqueness of the grooms cake in the movie made this theme popular throughout couples.

Armadillo Grooms Cake (Source:

Armadillo Grooms Cake (Source:

The bleeding armadillo

Grooms cakes are usually unique and funny, that is why choosing a bleeding armadillo for your wedding can be a perfect choice. Bleeding armadillo grooms cake is a type of cake with a red velvet cream which makes the cake look like its bleeding when it is cut into slices. The velvet cream can be made with or without chocolate flavoring, depending on the personal preference of the couple.

Armadillo Grooms Cake (Source:

Armadillo Grooms Cake (Source:

Ideas for an armadillo grooms cake

The exterior part of the bleeding armadillo is usually made with a butter cream or a cream cheese which makes it taste really fabulous. Couples can also choose other frosting for the exterior part, depending on the colors that have used for the wedding. For example, they can opt for grey, white, brown, black, green or pink. The back of the armadillo cake can be decorated with score marks or frosted in order to match an armadillo’s scales. When it comes to the surrounding details of an armadillo cake you can opt for a wide variety of items that can be found in the armadillo’s natural surroundings. For example, you can add lizards, insects or grass because it will look unique and special.

Armadillo Grooms Cake (Source:

Armadillo Grooms Cake (Source:

Purchasing an armadillo grooms cake

There are a wide variety of bakeries that will make an armadillo grooms cake with your specifications. When ordering your armadillo cake it is best that you make accurate specifications so that you have the wedding cake that you want. There are some online bakeries where you can order an armadillo grooms cake and that offer you the possibility to view some fantastic pictures of grooms cakes. These are: Earlene’s Cakes or Myra Jean’s Cakes.

Armadillo grooms cakes are absolutely fantastic and can be a great choice for your husband. The important thing is that you select a flavor and a color that he likes. Personalize the cake so that it fits your husband’s personality.


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